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Hello and welcome to KP RADIO!!! Does it stand for KingPoss? KingPirate? Who knows!!! Here you'll find 24/7 live music handpicked from the modarchive, old experimental albums, fictional ads created by me, and indie artists from around the net!! The will typically be in control, but there will be live broadcasts DJ'd by me, indicated by the icon, as well as live interviews with webmasters and other interesting people!! If you're a webmaster, artist, or creator from around the net, feel free to shoot me an email or telegram DM! I'd love to talk with you, and I'm sure our listeners would love to hear :3

Some of the amazing artists featured on KP Radio include:


All posted times will be shown in your own local timezone!
Below are scheduled, garuanteed broadcast times, but not all broadcasts are scheduled! so keep a sharp eye out, or should I say, keep a sharp ear out


Think KP Radio rocks? Want these tunes blastin on your own page? FEAR NOT! The KP Radio Widget is here to save the day! Just copy the code below, paste it onto your site, and BOOM! the iframe works its magic! By adding KP Radio to your site, you're not only gettin the best tunes the net can offer, you're also sharing a space for webmasters, small time artists, and other amazing creators to have their music and their voices heard!!! You dont gotta, but please let me know if you add KP Radio to your site. It makes me happy!


Interview & acoustic set with Adam!
Adam of December7th, the sole creator of "Swollen to Bursting Until I Am Disappearing on Purpose" joins us for an interview regarding their game and creative process. They also recorded 3 acoustic versions of songs from their game, and debuted them live on air! give this one a listen folks!

Interview with Ophanimkei!
In our first ever interview with a webmaster, we speak with artist and game developer Ophanim/Mala! We dive into their recent projects, creative process, experiences with studying abroad, and so much more!