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Hello, fellow Netizen, & welcome to my den!

Now Playing

You've stumbled upon (or was linked to) KingPossum's lil slice of home! All webpages here were made by me, coded with love and care! The modern internet and social platforms are incredibly sanitized and corporate. You can only create within their medium, and so much content is created for the sole purpose of being seen by others and propagated by the algorithm. It feels incredibly dystopian when you think about it; people creating for algorithms instead of for people, or for the sheer joy of creating itself. This website is my attempt to rip back my own artistic freedom. I control the medium, I control how content is presented, and what feels most liberating, is that all this content is presented for anyone to see who can find it, but there is nothing pushing it to them. If you’re reading this, it’s because you found this site and decided to engage with it. To anyone reading this, I hope you enjoy exploring my site! You should sign my guestbook and drop your site in KingChat so I can explore yours too :3



Back again...with a HUGE update to just about every page!

Well, here we are folks! It's been about two years since i've even bothered to update thie site/webmaster update field...the way I had it layed out before was just WAAAY to cumbersome to update with any sortof frequency.
I went through and refactored just about all of my webpages. The CSS has been organized and split up into several files, scripts have been moved from within the HTML to their own seperate JS files, I reworked how the gallery and blogging system worked in regards to tags, and my guestbook has been migrated over from 123guestbook, to a widget VirtualObserver made that utilizes Google Forms/Sheets. It's pretty handy, and now my guestbook page is responsive on mobile too! The blogging system has been simplified and should make updating the site in general a whole lot easier and stress free. You can inspect element on my site without me feeling TOTAL shame now, so that's a plus LOL. More updates coming soon. Hopefully there won't be another 2 years inbetween this and the next one!

Back from my lil break! | KPradio.net redirect domain!

I needed to take a short lil break--I got busy with other projects, like a game I'm starting to work on, and a tool I've been making for work! KP Radio has a schedule, and it's about time I start sticking to it :3
I'm beginning work on assembelling a proper broadcast routine and "script", or rough guide to what I plan on talking about/playing. I've basically just been going off the cuff for the handfuls of broadcasts i've already done, and while it's still super fun, KP Radio deserves a lil bit more structure to it!
Oh, another thing: KPradio.net will now redirect to the radio webpage here on my site, to make it easier for people to share and remember!

Calling all webmasters...Calling all musicians...Calling all artists...

KP Radio is live and bumpin, baby! We've got a radio schedule, and a bunch new featured artists, and I'm always lookin for more! Go check it out here!

KP Radio, and updated font on site buttons!

REMEMBER WHEN I SAID I HAD ALOT IN STORE? Yesterweb Radio inspired me to make my own internet radio station, but I wanted to do something a bit different!
Not only is the auto-DJ playing tracker music, indie music from small time artists around the net, fake advertisments, and "real" advertisments for other neocities sites, but I'm also gonna be doing live broadcasts where I DJ, as well as live interviews with other webmasters, artists, musicians, and anyone else!

Stamps, Stamps, & So Much More!

MAN what a big one! I've added stamps on my front page as I'm sure you can see. They all say something about who I am and what I like. I've also got an 88x31 button that my girlfriend helped me make so people can link back to my site! And I've added a bunch of super cool people's 88x31 buttons to my cool sites page!
I've also updated the font used on my website to one called Retron 2000, and added this very site update widget thingy yer lookin at! And boy oh boy, do I have ALOT more in store for this site :3

KingChat v1.0 added!! come talk!

KingChat lives! You can find it just below, or open it up by itself right here! I've added a bunch of old emoticons and I plan on adding alooooot more over time. You'll always be able to get hold of me in KingChat!

All main pages out of heavy construction

All main webpages are finally out of heavy construction! I still have ALOT I want to add, and I plan on this website always being a work in progress, but no more 404s when trying to click buttons on my page lol, and they all look atleast partially decent I think

The Possum Den is born!

LET THERE BE CODE! First, an index page, then, its css...then EVERYTHING ELSE! I've had it with social media, and this is gonna be my way to escape. No more twitter, no more instagram, NOTHING! This is the only place online outside of messaging platforms like telegram & discord that people will be able to find me now.

!-KingChat v.1.0-!

Only rule is be cool and not mean B)